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The production of Lyrakis olive oil is carried out exclusively by mechanical methods in accordance with all procedures in order to achieve the highest quality. In specific, during the harvest of olives (Koroneiki variety), the production process begins immediately with the cold pressing method. More
precisely, simple squeezing of the olive fruit take place without using chemicals and solvents and without heating the seeds.

Lyrakis Family Olive Oil - Cretan Aroma

The result of our production method is our excellent extra virgin olive oil. This is due to the fact that all the nutrients in the olive are preserved with their smell and taste as well as the rich content of antioxidants and polyphenols. Cold pressed olive oils are considered superior to others and we are confident that ours is up to them to comply with all standards.

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Upgrade the quality of your kitchen using our premium Cretan olive oil. Give your dishes and salads the rich taste of the olive they deserve. Use it in frying as well as with bread. Give your body all the beneficial properties of antioxidants and polyphenols rich in olive oil. Store it in a shady place.

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Cretan Mill

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The Lyrakis Family is located in Lasithi, eastern Crete, Greece. Every summer two times a week an Olive Festival is organized. This includes guided tours of the facilities and the olive press, as well as lectures on olive oil and Cretan products. Following is a Cretan night with live Cretan music and dances accompanied by Cretan dishes featuring our olive oil. Visit us and you will have an unforgettable experience. See the video clip next.

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Owned production line

Based in Crete

Lyrakis Family founded in 1975. From the old olive oil workshop to the present day, the Lyrakis Family focused on quality has excellent virgin olive oil. The Company is housed in privately owned facilities in the village of Sissi, in a small beautiful village on the northern coast of Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi. The sunshine days of the region last until late autumn are ideal, resulting in one of the world’s best and most prized olive oil qualities.