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With respect and dedication to the Cretan land, with multi-generational passion and know-how in production, state-of-the-art facilities, certifications complying with international standards and continuous testing for safe products, LYRAKIS FAMILY provides and creates products for the consumer of high quality and rich nutritional value, based on extra virgin olive oil.

Lyrakis family, one of the few companies in Crete, has a vertically integrated production facility as well as a product traceability system. It controls its
products step by step, at all stages of the production and offers to the friends of olive and olive oil top quality products.

The company aims to play a leading role in the international market by promoting and establishing exceptional virgin olive oil and olive oil products, as it has already developed significant export activities in a total of 38 countries and has won prizes in international competitions.

The vision of the Lyrakis family is to constantly seek and create innovative products with rich nutritional value. Products that deserve to be widely disseminated and consolidated in the consciousness and in the eating habits of each consumer.

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