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Virgin oil is the olive oil obtained only by mechanical methods so no alterations could be caused to the natural substances contained in the olive fruit. In specific, when olives are collected, the process of washing, transfusion, centrifugation and filtration follows. This residual natural juice contains all the trace elements and vitamins of the olive intact, thus it has all the beneficial properties for human health. When its free fatty acid content (acidity) is ≤0.8%, it is extra virgin. LYRAKIS FAMILY olive oil, meets all the above standards and its quality is proven and accompanied by all the necessary quality assurance and standardization certificates. Our olive oil contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids as well as a variety of bioactive ingredients. Out of these, phenolic compounds (phenols) are the most extensively studied about their benefits to the human health. Phenols are present in the olive oil by nature to act as antioxidants and to protect the olive oil from rubbing when it receives the catastrophic attack of atmospheric oxygen and solar radiation.

Thus, it is well noted that an olive oil with a high content of phenols has a high degree of protection and therefore durability, while at the same time its consumption, protects human cells from oxidative stress. LYRAKIS FAMILY olive oil is very rich in polyphenols. Much of the fruity and bitter taste of olive oil is due to them.

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