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Use of cookies on the website www.elyrakis.co.uk

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer through websites that you visit or from certain emails that you open. They are widely used for the operation of the websites as well as the provision of commercial information or marketing information to the owners of the websites. TAF CONCEPT SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY uses cookies on these websites for the following purposes:

1. Necessary cookies

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3. Performance Cookies

In order to monitor the performance, we use cookies for collecting information on the use of our websites by visitors in order on one hand to address more properly the visitors’ needs and to improve the content on our websites and on the other hand to facilitate the use of our websites. For example, a certain cookie helps us to count the number of visitors while another one identifies which pages are more popular.

4. Third Parties Cookies

The so-called “third parties” cookies might be used for more personalized advertisements. More personalized advertisements are those that adapt to your gender, age, region or your preferences. When third parties’ cookies are used, no data on your identity are collected nor stored.

5. Integrated content

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Deletion or exclusion of cookies

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